Middle East Education and Training Exhibition

A diversified market for a promising future

In line with the policy of the Government of Saudi Arabia and the Vision of 2030, the general and higher education, training and rehabilitation sectors have shown significant development increasingly during the past years. A budget of 195 billion Saudi riyals has been allocated from the 2024 budget to support and develop the education sector in the KSA. With the increase in population and a general orientation towards excellence, more opportunities are opening up and encouraging investment in education sectors.

About Meetes

meetes – Middle East Education and Training Exhibition is the ideal platform for communication between educational service providers, students, and parents. It provides an opportunity for universities, colleges, institutes, and other educational institutions to showcase their educational programs and services to their target audience. And it is held in Jeddah, the commercial capital of the Saudi Arabia, the exhibition features local and international participations offering a chance for direct interaction, allowing students to know registration and admission requirements and obtain information from representatives of educational institutions. Additionally, it is also provides an opportunity for participants to establish partnerships with local and international government and private educational entities

Exhibition Goals

Middle East Education and Training Exhibition It is considered The great launching pad in the educational sector, education, technology, and service sectors to achieve their marketing objectives and expand its base of visitors and participants in the exhibition through live events through which various services in the field of education are provided

Meetes offers numerous equal educational opportunities and is regarded as a platform beyond marketing in the fields of education and development, enabling you to

Presenting the latest products and technologies to a dedicated audience in Saudi Arabia.
Meeting officials and decision-makers from the public and private sectors to discuss opportunities and finalize agreements.
Exploring areas of partnership and cooperation with local and international participants.
Strengthening presence in the Kingdom’s market in light of the interest and increasing the government expenses in the education sector.
Take a closer look at the huge projects in the educational equipment and technology sectors and identify the needs and ways of contributing to them.

Why To Exhibit?

MEETES gathers representatives from various educational institutions, both local and international. This provides an excellent platform for networking with industry professionals, and potential partners, In addition to the students looking to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invests heavily in the education sector and encourages the establishment of partnerships Between local and international institutions.
By participating, you can explore potential collaborations, partnerships, and academic exchanges that can mutually benefit both parties

Access to a large and diverse student population
Saudi Arabia is home to a significant number of students seeking educational opportunities, by participating in MEETES, you can directly engage with a diverse audience and showcase the unique aspects of your institution or organization

Exhibitors Profile

Why to visit ?

Educational Opportunities
The exhibition serves as a platform for exploring various educational opportunities available in the region, encompassing both academic study and vocational training fields.

Building Social Networks
The exhibition allows visitors to build relationships with professionals across diverse educational fields, aiding in expanding their professional network and fostering communication within the education and training community

Educational Technology
The exhibition is an opportunity to stay abreast of the latest trends in educational technology and understand how these innovations can be employed to enhance teaching and learning processes.

Building Social Networks
The exhibition allows visitors to build relationships with professionals across diverse educational fields, aiding in expanding their professional network and fostering communication within the education and training community

Exhibitions' visitors


The exhibition will host several specialized workshops, which will focus on several important topics, such as compensation for educational loss, serving the educational process, highlighting and supporting all male and female students, including the category of special education and talented students, and other related topics, with the participation of specialists and researchers in various educational fields. The workshops will be held concurrently with the exhibition, equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies. Your participation will broaden prospects for your business development and open up opportunities.

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